Decker Machine Works – Notice on COVID-19

Dear Customers, Vendors and Partners,

COVID-19 has required us to make changes in our routines and our daily lives. We are working together with our partners and vendors throughout the country to make sure we can continue to supply parts and services with the hopes of little or no delays for anyone. We only ask you all to be patient, not just with us, but other vendors and customers as well. These are trying times; we can all work together to get through this. Smile, stay safe, stay healthy, and watch out for your loved ones and neighbors.

Decker Machine Works meets the qualifications of an ‘essential’ business under Governor Baker’s March 23rd, 2020, Revised Order, and we currently plan to remain open as long as critical manufacturing services are needed. However, out of an abundance of caution, several of our employees have chosen to self-isolate, and we are operating at reduced capacity. Our common goal is to keep our employees, customers, suppliers and all families safe and healthy. While our disaster recovery and business continuity plans have prepared us for some of these challenges, we have taken these additional steps:

  • We have implemented enhanced cleaning services disinfecting multiple times daily and provided supplies to employees for additional cleaning throughout the day.
  • We have cancelled all visitors and restricted access to our facility.
  • Where possible, we will conduct virtual meetings
  • We have separated our workforce into two teams to reduce employee density and to isolate one from another with a 30-minute gap between teams.
  • Work from home options have been provided for employees with that capability.
  • We have posted CDC recommended prevention techniques.
  • We are encouraging employees who aren’t feeling well to refrain from coming in. We will also provide extra flexibility and pay options and support if employees are affected by the virus.

Vendors: please take note—we will be closed for sanitizing and team rotation from 1:00–1:30PM daily and will not be accepting freight shipments during this time.

Customers: Decker Machine Works is committed to doing everything we can in this time of change to ensure that our production of your products is not interrupted. However, as noted above, we are currently operating at reduced capacity. Our customers have always praised us for our clear and open communication, and it is more important than ever that we work together with our customers to support each other through this time.

We are considering implementation of a system of ‘order triage’ so to speak, and would ask that you review your open orders with us to advise on which orders are most important to you. You are in the best position to know which orders are critical to your operations and for which time is of the essence, and you also know (in the event of an absolute emergency) which projects could be sidelined and which orders could be pushed out for a later delivery. If you can provide us with this key information, it will help us to ensure that your critical orders are prioritized and allow us to take steps to hopefully prevent any major interruption to your operations even in the worst case scenario.

We are not asking for orders to be officially rescheduled at this time, but it is possible that will need to occur in the course of addressing your needs around this issue. We also cannot promise that we will be able to expedite any open orders at this time, and that is not the purpose of asking for this information. Again, we are taking every possible measure to prevent disruption, and this request is made to give our operations the tools we might need to be flexible and adaptable under the circumstances. We appreciate your cooperation and assistance, and we would like to stress that open communication of your needs and concerns is of paramount importance to us.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to, and we are available at 413-628-3300.

Best Regards,

Scott Decker

Owner, President & CEO
Decker Machine Works, Inc.

Download a copy of this notice on our letterhead here.